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Delegating Tasks

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Delegating Tasks


Mastering the skill of delegation will help you manage your time and therefore give you more freedom to concentrate on your priorities. But it's often when we are most pushed for time that we delegate least. It's easy to panic and to cut yourself off from your colleagues or employees when you need their support the most.

However, delegation isn't just about making your workload lighter by giving tasks to others. It's also about getting staff to take full responsibility for certain key duties. In order for a business to grow and for employees to find new paths of development, new people must be employed to take over established functions, releasing others to develop different aspects of the business.

Common mistakes
  • You doubt your employees' ability
    You fear that the delegatee will create even more problems than they solve. You must learn to trust your team. Even if they make a mistake they will benefit from the experience in the long run, and therefore so will you.
  • You think delegation wastes time
    It seems quicker to do the task yourself than to bother explaining it and correcting mistakes. This may be true, but as you progress up the career ladder, you'll need to delegate more, so the earlier you start, the better.
  • You worry about your status
    An employee who is quick on the uptake and does well can take over the role of being the person everyone goes to with their problems. Maybe you feel threatened by their competence. They may even find something wrong with the way you do things. Remember that you do a good job too and have found someone you can rely on when time is tight.
  • You lack confidence
    If problems arise, or if the person fails to discharge their responsibilities, you may doubt your own ability to confront the person about their actions. Break out of this vicious circle by making an active attempt to improve your communication skills.
  • You neglect staff development
    Remember that delegation not only benefits you by freeing up some of your time, but will give your staff a sense of achievement by earning your trust and developing new skills. This will improve the effectiveness of the whole team, and so the success of the organisation.
  • Mastering the skill of delegation will mean that everyone benefits - it will help you manage your time and it will aid staff development, improving overall productivity.
  • Don't let tight schedules get in the way of delegation. When you're under pressure, passing tasks on - to the right person - will save you time in the end.
  • Remember to delegate interactively - get to know your staff, listen to their worries, and discover their strengths.
  • Successfully passing responsibility down the line is essential for company growth.
  • Remember to delegate assertively. Your confidence will be transferred onto the person you're delegating to.
  • Don't forget that when you delegate, you remain ultimately responsible for the results of the work you have delegated.
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