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Delegation Skills

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Delegation Skills

Once all the individual parts of the plan of action have been detailed, with goals and objectives in place and a time line established, it's time to delegate the work, deciding who does what. A good manager or team leader will delegate wisely. Work should be as evenly distributed as possible. And team members should be working in areas of their strengths.

I not only use all the brains I have, but all I can borrow. - Woodrow Wilson, U.S. president

As the rookie on the problem-solving team, you may not get the jobs you want. The team may put you in charge of copying materials, when all you want is a crack at creating television ads. Realize that you're going to have to earn those glitzier jobs. Give all you've got to whatever assignments you are given. Then you may do better next time.

Dos and Don'ts of a good problem solving team

Delegate responsibilities Make one person do all of the work.
Specify goals and work toward them as a team. Have different goals.
Establish a time line and make sure that everyone on the team knows it. Plan last-minute tasks without letting everyone know about them.
Brainstorm together to get everyone's ideas on the table. Quickly draw up a plan without thinking it through.
Encourage people to speak freely. Judge your teammates and make them feel inhibited.

If you get to volunteer for tasks, don't just ask for the more glamorous or the easier jobs. Everybody will know why your hand went up, and your coworkers won't appreciate it. Instead, volunteer for tasks you know you can do well. Communicate effectively, asking what's involved in the task and being honest about your strengths and weaknesses. Ask for the legwork jobs that nobody wants. Do more than you have to do just to hold up your end. Don't consider your job done when you've accomplished everything you've been delegated. You're not done until the whole plan is accomplished. So if you find yourself with free time on your hands, ask your teammates what you can do to help them with their responsibilities.

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